Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bucket...Life...Same Difference

I think a bucket is the perfect depiction of what a life is....it's this big container that can be filled with just about anything: love, happiness, joy, sadness, sorrow, fun, laughter, memories, money, and even nothing. Sometimes the bucket gets knocked over and all the happiness is spilled out and sometimes it gets filled with lots joy. You just never really know. There are no restrictions on what can be put in a bucket. Most people know buckets to be used on the beach and be filled with sand, but kids love to put anything and everything in a bucket...toys, cars, money, shoes, the cat, you name it! Buckets can be filled to the top, even overflowing, can be half full or can be completely empty. This is why a bucket can perfectly describe life.

What is your bucket filled with? What do you prefer to be in your bucket?

Check out my bucket list page for a list of things that I would like to in my life. Memories I would like to fill my bucket with!

Artwork from The Seattle Times

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