Monday, June 13, 2011

Listen and Learn

So I constantly get irritated with my fiance because he just doesn't help me out..with anything. It gets me to the point where I just want to scream. I get so irritated and mad and then he has the audacity to say "what's wrong with you" or he will give some other smart ass comment back to me. Do you know how many times I have told him all I would like is a little help? COUNTLESS! I'm not talking spot clean the entire house with bleach...I'm just saying hey can you pick up after yourself, maybe take the over flowing laundry basket to the laundry room for me..something...anything! But apparently that is too much for him. So then I go through the cycle over and over again. Well the last time I flat out told him he is selfish and doesn't listen to me. If he did listen to me he would very well know why I'm irritated (because it's always the same reason) and he would do something to fix it. But he is so selfish that he will only do things that benefit him.

So I ask....Why don't you listen????????????????

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